Is A Loose Tooth A Dental Emergency?

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At Freedom Village Dental in Jacksonville NC, we hope that none of our patients will have a loose adult tooth. If you do, it is most definitely an urgent dental problem.


An accident can knock a tooth loose. An injury to the mouth area is always an emergency—whether or not a tooth is loose.

When Do I See A Medical Doctor First?

For some injuries to the mouth, you should see an MD first. If you have a laceration in your mouth that’s bleeding profusely, head to the E.R. or urgent care clinic.

After the primary injury is treated, we can treat the trauma or decay. You may need a root canal, filling, and/or protective crown.

We Replace Missing Teeth

If the tooth cannot be saved, you may need an extraction. A dental implant can replace a missing tooth following extraction.

We Treat Oral Infections

A localized infection can trigger or aggravate a loose tooth. Either periodontitis (advanced gum disease) or tooth decay can bring about an infection. You should see us as soon as possible if you suspect an infection.

Swelling Jaw?

If your jaw starts swelling, call us right away. This could indicate a dangerous infection that needs treatment right away

We Treat Tooth Abscesses

Some infections result in an abscess. An abscess is a pocket of pus. It can be located inside a tooth. Or in the gums. Or in the jaw bone near the tooth root. An abscess usually causes intense pain. If you suspect an abscess, you need to see us promptly. If left untreated, this can actually destroy the bone around the tooth and cause serious discomfort.

We Relieve Tooth Pain

All of the issues discussed in this post can cause tooth pain. If you come to Freedom Village Dental with severe tooth pain, we will give you medication to relieve the pain. We offer emergency dentistry, as well as general and cosmetic dentistry. Call for an appointment today.

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