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Excellence In Family Dentistry At Freedom Village Dental

At Freedom Village Dental in Jacksonville, we are proud of our record of excellence in pediatric dentistry. Just as you would take your children to a pediatrician for basic health care, so should you remember us when it comes to their dental health.

We treat children from infancy through high school age, at which point they’ll be ready to transition to a family or general dentist. Our primary goals with your youngsters are maintaining good dental health, which comes down to prevention and treatment.

Another big part of our mission as pediatric dentists is educating parents on the best ways to treat their kids. An infant needs special dental care even before any teeth come in. And once they do start coming in, we’ll want to see them to make sure everything is growing as it should.

Many parents wonder when their child should start seeing the dentist. The answer: as soon as the first tooth comes in, or the first birthday, whichever comes first.

Tooth decay is extremely common in children, but the good news is that it is preventable. With proper brushing and flossing at home and children’s dentistry at Freedom Village Dental in Jacksonville, your youngster can be assured to good dental health. We also offer complete general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment for your child today!

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